On Reiwa May 15, 2019, Higashimachi Fishing Cooperative obtained ISO 22000 certification, an international standard for food safety management systems.We will strive to improve the management of food safety and security more than ever before and provide better products.

Construction site

Moroura, Nagashima 1229

Newly established in 1994, this processing plant was the first fish in Japan to obtain "HACCP certification" as a farmed fish through renovation in 1998.We specialize in the primary processing of farmed brie centered on fillets, and have top-class processing capabilities in Japan.

Plant size 2,382㎡ / Wastewater treatment facility 100m3

Certificate of approval

ISO 22000:2005 – U.S. SGS-HACC, EU-HACCP, MEL-COC [MEL distribution processing stage (Ver.2.0) certificatio
n (GSSI approval)] ASC-COC-COC vs. China Export Fisheries Food Registration – Russia Export Fisheries Food Registration – Brazil vs. Export Fisheries Food Registration – Brazil Export Seafood Registration – Korean Export Food Registration – Korean Export Food Registration

So-so Kako-ko

Moroura, Nagashima 907-4

Established in 2013.It is a factory specializing in the round (round fish) and fillets of the red sea bream, the loin (40%), potion (part), slice products, and other high-order processed products of Buri Madai.We are also actively engaged in commercialization tailored to the various needs of our customers.

Factory size 704.23㎡ / Wastewater treatment facility 30m3m

Certificate of approval

ISO 22000:2005, MEL-COC [MEL distribution processing stage (Ver.2.0) certification (GSSI approval)] – School lunch supplies supplier registration