More about “Tai-o”

High-quality farmed red sea bream “Taio – Taio-” is carefully nurtured, such as thorough management, feed of the same kind, and using a light-shielding net from the time of fry.It has little smell and is rich in sweetness.In addition, the meat quality is also hard to come out of the black streaks peculiar to sea bream, and even if it is sashimi, it can be provided beautifully not only for taste but also for important appearance.

A high-quality environment
to nurture “Tai-o”

Nagashima Town has a long coastline, many inlets, and extremely good tide flowing in, with an average annual water temperature of about 19 degrees, and it is blessed with location conditions along with fishing grounds.Aquaculture is widespread everywhere, and the shipment of salmon is the highest in Japan.
Utilizing the know-how of such aquaculture, “Tai-o” collectively manages everything from seeds and seedlings to shipments.In order to stick to the health and taste of food, we use EPA feed with “product standards” and “safety certificates” attached to all of them, and we have established a specialized subcommittee within the fishing cooperative to establish a stable shipping system with safety and security in mind, and we continue to work to improve quality on a daily basis.

For more information on “King Tai”, please refer to the brochure.

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