Growth of farmed brie

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Frying fry

The "Mojaco", the fry of brie, is held around May every year.It is caught in the East China Sea and the Pacific Ocean.


2. Feeding is mainly done by women's hands.(Because men have been feeding fish for two years and catching mojaco)

One year fish

❸ As fish grows for one year, the intake of food increases, and the type of food and the net of the fish tank change.

Two-year fish – three-year fish

❹ becomes resistant to disease and grows well, but it becomes careful about the amount of food and the environment.The weight will be 4kg or more, and shipping will start.

Landing and live tightening

❺ The Higashimachi Fishing Cooperative is landed in an early morning net and is immediately lively.Freshness is maintained by cooling and blood removal by the water ice of the vessel tank.

Landing and shipping

❻ All fish will be collected at the loading facility in the Hakui fishing port of the Higashimachi Fishing Cooperative.After the sorting is done, the cooling process is performed.

Growth of farmed brie in illustrations

Fry tori

The "Mojaco", a fry of brie, is caught in the East China Sea and the Pacific Ocean around May every year.It takes three years to grow brie from less than 1g of fry to 5-6kg of parent fish.
The Higashimachi Fishing Cooperative has introduced some artificial seeds and seedlings, mainly early-shipped fish, with the aim of eliminating anxiety about stable supply due to unfishing, maintaining the superiority of the size of shipped fish by early egg collection, securing fry tracing, and "protecting the richness of the sea," which is the 14th goal of the SDGs.

Mo Ji Ya Ko
All natural fish depend on "artificial seeds and seedlings" because the seed production technology is not developed.In fishing, you will be happy and worried.
The main fishing grounds are the East China area from the area around Koshikijima.It can also be taken in tanegashima and near Yakushima, but the water temperature of the fishing ground is too high, and the difference in water temperature with the farm in Higashimachi is large, and it is often not good for fish.
Forgive me, how to do it
Mojaco is prohibited from being taken in vain because special permission to collect is required.Production plans in Japan are decided by the Fisheries Agency and assigned to each prefecture.The prefecture assigns each fishing cooperative, and the fishing cooperative determines the number of ships to be caught by the assigned number.
How to catch and catch
Since mojaco is gathered under the flowing algae, it scoops with algae with a mesh net of about 5 mm.
Catching may be taken by a professional trader, or a farmer may go to pick it on his own.Both caught fish require a union calibration.A team of three or four men forms a team of three or four people on board the ship.
Time of capture
It is usually from April to May.According to the results of the prefecture's test operation survey, the catch time is determined.As a general rule, the period is no more than 23 days.


Feeding is mainly done by women' hands.Because the man goes out to the feeding of the fish for two years and the mojaco catch, the care of the baby fish becomes a woman by all means.In the previous food, there were many mince mixed with nutritious ikanago and highly palatable shrimp (ami).In recent years, even fully blended feed (pellets) has become comparable.The palatability for feeding has also been more devised.

Mince at the time of feeding is made of liquid which was rinsed two or three times so that small bones do not remain.When feeding with fully blended feed (pellets), it starts with powdery ones according to the size of the fish and grows with growth.When feeding, the food is continued from 5 o'clock in the morning until sunset.When feeding is over, feeding is five to six times a day.In addition, the number of times decreases as it grows, and 200g increases once a day.

One year fish

As fish grows for one year, the intake of food increases.As you grow, the type of food and the net of the fish tank will also change.When my eagle was taken luxuriously, it was given by adding vitamins, but in recent years it has changed to the following.

Moist Pellets (MP)

It is a mixture of all kinds of fish and fish meal and made into grains.

Extruder Pellets (EP)

Specially foamed and grained with a granulation machine called an extruder.

Single Moist Pellets (SMP)

A mixture of fish meal, water, and oil into grains.

Dry Pellets (DP)

Fully blended feed.A grain of ticking that contains almost no moisture.

Two-Year Fish – Three-Year Fish

When it comes to "annual fish", it becomes difficult to get sick, and farmed brie grows fast.As they grow, the amount of food increases, and if they are careless, they may become overfed or under-fed.When the amount of food increases, the consumption of oxygen increases, too.The amount of oxygen in the water is only one-thirtieth of that of the air, and what is more, when the water temperature is high, it becomes difficult to get oxygen in.On the day of the small tide from August to September, the amount of oxygen may temporarily crack 4 mg/liter.

In such a case, it is necessary to look at the timing and take measures such as feeding stop.If the net is dirty and clogged during hypoxia, there is a risk of damage due to oxygen deficiency.Keep an eye on the high water temperature.At the end of the year, it will be more than 4 kg in size and shipping will begin.
The target size at the end of the year is 5kg.It will continue to ship on the anniversary according to the market's request until December of the following year.

Feeding by moist pellets
In the feeding by moist pellets, there is no need to thaw the food, and it is also effective for fishing cooperative environmental conservation.
The water temperature is suitable from 18 to 27°C.Autumn grows better than spring.When growth is fast, it requires a large amount of oxygen, so we pay attention to lack of oxygen.

Landing and live tightening

In the early morning, the Higashimachi Fishing Cooperative lands fish in a net from a fish tank scheduled to be shipped with safety and is immediately closed.
In addition, the unification of the fishing machine dedicated to the Higashimachi fishing cooperative is used for the activity, and the tightening work is carried out surely, and immediate cooling and removal are done by the water ice of the vessel tank.

Landing and shipping

For landing and shipment, all fish in the pipe are collected at the unloading facility in the Hakui fishing port of the Higashimachi Fishing Cooperative.Here the size is sorted by producer, and further cooling is done.