Heavenly Fish

Natural fish caught by Higashimachi Fishing Cooperative

Natural fish landed at the Higashimachi Fishing Cooperative are landed every morning by 23 fishing methods, including gonets, isoken nets, and takotsubo fishing.About 20 brokers will be auctioned off the fish that have been landed, and fresh fish will be shipped to markets, restaurants and supermarkets throughout Japan, not to mention Nagashima Town.There are a wide variety of fish species that are landed in various fishing methods depending on the season.

a omote-mannered fish

(Some excerpts)

Red sea bream

[Season season: February to April] Mada
i, which is landed throughout the year, is the most delicious at the time of cherry blossom sea bream in April.


[Season season: April to August] In
Nagashima Town, it was branded as “Octopus Daio”.In the summer, the number of landings also increases.The legs are thick and chewy.


[Season season: May to August] L
anding is all year round, but there is about 5 tons of landings in May and June.The rich sweetness and crunchy texture are all sashimi.


【Season: December to February】 There
is a stable landing all year round.Small-swing ones are recommended for fried chicken, and large-swing ones are sashimi and stewed.


【Season: May to June】 There is
a stable landing all year round.It is often eaten mainly with salt-grilled food.


[Season season: June to Septembe
r] It is often caught from spring to autumn.It is often eaten with sashimi or salt-grilled food.


【 Season (body): July to August 】 【Season
of season (liver): November to January】 Th
ere is a landing throughout the year.When sashimi, it is outstandingly delicious when eaten with liver soy sauce.


[Season season: May] It is a high
-quality fish with a lot of landings gathered in early spring.Sashimi and fried chicken are exquisite.


【Season: June to August】 There
is a landing all year round.By washing the thick skin with hot water, it becomes sashimi that the skin with the tooth response and the fat of the surface fell out, and it is delicious.


[Season season: July to October] There are
a lot of landings in summer, and there are more than 20 tons of landings at its peak.It is called “Mochiuo” in Nagashima town and is popular.The way to eat is sashimi, stewed, fried food.

Horse mackerel

【Season season: April to July】 There
is landing throughout the year, and there are especially many landings in summer.It is the most popular fish at the table and has a rich way to eat.


【Season: February to April】
New squid is on landing from July.As a sushi story, it is a familiar high-quality squid.It is characterized by the hardness of the body even in pottery and stew.

Ashiaka shrimp

【Season: October to February】 Th
e body is large and elastic.It is a high-quality shrimp used for osechi etc.

Natural Flounder

[Season season: November to February] Co
mpared to Karei, there are more flounder landing nationwide in Nagashima Town.Engawa is exquisite and sweet.


[Season season: June to July, October to November] Around A
ugust of the spawning season is stored nutrients, it is delicious.Sushi, tempura and vinegar miso are recommended.


【Season season: April to July】 It w
ill be landed in the summer.Compared to the whole country, shako in Nagashima-cho is a big swing.It is often used as a sushi ingredient.


【Season season: September to December】 It is
a high-quality fish that is landed in the summer.There are many ways to eat salt-grilled or steamed fish, and the freshness is delicious even with sashimi.


【Season: November to February】 The
re are about 10 tons of landings per year.It is delicious when eaten with sashimi or salt-grilled.It is also used as a raw material for surimi.


【Season: June to October】 There
is about 8 tons of landings per year.When eaten with fried food or stew, the body is fluffy and delicious.


In preparation


In preparation