Most of the aquaculture farms of the Higashimachi Fishing Cooperative are located in the surrounding waters of Unzen Amakusa National Park.
Among them, the Amakusa region, which is adjacent to the fishing grounds of the Higashimachi Fishing Cooperative, has many coves in the islands, including 120 large and small islands, and has a long, varied coastline, such as the sedimentary coast-specific bay intake, land-connecting islands and sea-erosion cliffs, and is blessed with nutrient-rich and beautiful seawater, with an average of 19°C, a maximum of 3.5 m per second, and a king of sea bream, etc. It is an excellent environment to grow a clean fish that is healthy and delicious.
This is why it is called "The Land of Heaven" for Briaqua, which boasts the best production in Japan.
The Higashimachi Fishing Cooperative continues to implement and maintain environmental conservation measures to pass on this environment to future children, such as conducting environmental surveys such as seawater and bottom sand once a year.