Why did you decide to get a job at Higashimachi Fishing Cooperative?
When I came to Nagashima town before, I was attracted to the nature of Nagashima-cho and the deliciousness of the King of Higashimachi Fishing Cooperative, which I got from my relatives, so I decided to get a job.
What is your current job at the Higashimachi Fishing Cooperative and what is your job worthwhile?
I work in a machine.After the landed fish is brought into the factory, we give manufacturing instructions to our employees.I think about the arrangement of the work of the day in the morning, and i feel rewarding when the work progresses well.
Where did you grow the most at the Higashimachi Fishing Cooperative?
I was able to be strongly aware of my sense of responsibility because I was allowed to do responsible work.
What's good about the Higashimachi Fishing Cooperative?
Because there are a lot of events, it is easy to connect with the person of the staff who cannot meet usually at work.Even in the workplace, I have a strong sharpness at work and after work.
Message to those who want to work at Higashimachi Fishing Cooperative!
There are a lot of kind seniors, and I think that I can become a work soon because it is kind to teach.
Kenta Yuda

YUDA Kenta

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