○Environmental survey Red tide survey (we regularly conduct water quality surveys in the waters of the Higashimachi Fishing Cooperative, etc.) and share information with fishermen.

【Photograph at the time of investigation】Requesting

○Coast cleaning Coast cleaning (depending on the union members and residents of each region, we collect driftwood, garbage, and fishing floats of each beach)

【Coast cleaning photo】

○Spread of fish food Nagashima-cho Elementary and Junior High School cooking classes (we hold cooking classes at elementary and junior high schools in the town, mainly in the Aquaculture Contractors Association, and strive to promote fish food)

【Cooking Class Photo】

○ Resource protection Discharge business and prohibited fishing (we implement the discharge business in the tube every year, and we strive to protect resources by establishing a prohibited fishing period)

【Photos of release, etc.】

*Each photo is located in Google Drive "For Folder CSR"