High quality control and face-to-face system.

Toconfirm and more clearly prove the safety of The Tomachi Fishing Cooperative, we have established a quality control team and created our own "Briculture Management Standards" .

In accordance with the "Briaqua Management Standards Document", producers record their own breeding information in the aquaculture journal, and accumulate the information in the fishing cooperative to build a traceability system.This allowed the burritos bought by consumers to see where they were raised, what kind of food they ate, what kind of medication was done, and who they were raised, and the connection between consumers and production sites became familiar.

The Higashimachi Fishing Cooperative and fishermen strive to create a system of face-to-face safety and security by steadily and sincerely carrying out these quality control work.
You can view the records and certificates pertaining to the Aquaculture Management Standards at any time.

Aquaculture Cloud System

In real time, aquaculture companies can collect information on the tablet, input the
necessary information, feeding, water temperature, growth rate, etc. in real time, and appr
opriate production management and shipping planning.

★ can manage the breeding situation in accordance with the shipping plan for each raw fish.

When there is a ★ blur, it consults with the fishing cooperative every time and corrects it.

★ know the occurrence of fish disease and red tide at the same ti
me ⇒Early response is possible.

Fish body measurement system

The underwater camera is turned into ikes and the image in ikes is saved.

A New Attempt at Briculture