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Higashi-machi Fishing Cooperative

Azuma-Cho Gykyo

The Higashimachi Fishing Cooperative is located in Nagashimacho, the northernmost island of Kagoshima Prefecture.Thanks to the rapid tide of the strait and the blessed nature of Nagashima-cho with an average annual water temperature of 19 degrees, and the wisdom of fishermen cultivated, fish farming including the farmed brie “Burio-” brand, and various coastal fisheries are being operated.

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Nagashima Continental City Hall

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We are developing processed products and agricultural products, including farmed fish, with a focus on the farmed brie “King” and “King of Salmon”.If you have difficulty visiting Nagashima Town, you can feel free to purchase ingredients from Nagashima-cho.

Nagashima Continental Market Cafeteria

We offer dishes with excellent freshness.

Developed a menu of farmed fish and natural seafood centered on the farmed brie “King””Nagashima Continental Market Cafeteria” serves nagashima’s specialty products with delicious dishes.